Tajamali comes to East and Southern Africa!

by tajamali on November 14, 2011

Tajamali is an organisation aimed to provide a boost to young entrepreneurs in East and Southern Africa.

We aim to achieve this be providing interest free loans to deserving young entrepreneurs at grass-root levels. Access to capital is one of the major stumbling blocks for young entrepreneurs. Yet in this era, there is a need for more and more innovative young entrepreneurs.

Are you a member of or do you know of a group of deserving young entrepreneurs in your community? Tajamali is looking for a group of young entrepreneurs in grass-root levels in need of a soft loan to boost or start up an entrepreneurial activity. The loans are given at zero percent interest rate and terms of payment will be discussed in detail at a later stage.

The group should meet the following criteria:
• Should be registered.
• Should be in existence and active for at least one year
• Should be recognised by the community

If you feel your group qualifies please send us the following:
• A detailed proposal including a budget
• Proof of registration
• 2 referees from the community
• Summary of your organization

Drop us an email: info@tajamali.org